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In a world where the only constant seems to be change, businesses and consumers alike are seeking stability and reliability. Recent disruptions in the global supply chain, such as the unprecedented dry season affecting the Panama Canal, have sent ripples through international commerce. However, for clients of AKAS Tex and Wazoodle Fabrics, there’s a reassuring constant: our commitment to quality, sustainability, and domestic production ensures that we remain unaffected by these global challenges.

The Panama Canal Crisis: A Wake-Up Call for Global Supply Chains

According to a recent article on CNN, Panama is experiencing one of its driest seasons on record, leading to lower water levels in the Panama Canal (source). This has resulted in restrictions on vessel weights and daily traffic, affecting a critical international shipping artery. While the immediate impact on U.S. manufacturers, retailers, and consumers is minimal, the potential for broader disruption is growing. This situation serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities inherent in global supply chains.

The Green Oasis: AKAS Tex’s Sustainable Manufacturing

In contrast to the turbulent waters of international logistics, AKAS Tex stands as a green oasis. We are committed to eco-friendly, high-quality fabric manufacturing, all of which takes place right here in the United States. Our green manufacturing process is not just a tagline; it’s a promise to our planet and to our customers. By sourcing and producing domestically, we not only reduce our carbon footprint but also insulate ourselves—and by extension, our clients—from global supply chain disruptions.

Lessons from the Pandemic: Resilience and Reliability

The COVID-19 pandemic was a stress test for businesses worldwide, revealing vulnerabilities in global supply chains. Yet, AKAS Tex and Wazoodle Fabrics sailed through these challenges unscathed. Our entirely U.S.-based operations allow us to continue delivering the high-quality, eco-friendly fabrics our clients expect, without delays or compromises.

Why You’re Safe with AKAS Tex & Wazoodle Fabrics

When you choose AKAS Tex and Wazoodle Fabrics, you’re not just opting for quality and sustainability; you’re also choosing stability and peace of mind. Our domestic, end-to-end supply chain means that we are not affected by international shipping delays, whether they are caused by a pandemic or by climate-induced disruptions like those currently affecting the Panama Canal.


In an increasingly uncertain world, AKAS Tex and Wazoodle Fabrics offer a sanctuary of reliability and quality. Our commitment to domestic, green manufacturing ensures that we remain unaffected by the challenges shaking the global supply chain. When you partner with us, you’re choosing a resilient, sustainable, and dependable option, safeguarding your interests in a world of change.

For eco-friendly, high-quality American-made fabrics that you can count on, look no further than AKAS Tex and Wazoodle Fabrics.



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