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Green Dyes and Finishes

Made to protect the planet

AKAS puts a high premium on green manufacturing. We ensure that our fabrics are produced with no harmful solvents or chemicals, and that our eco-friendly quality-controls are continuously met.
It doesn’t stop there.
AKAS is pioneering sustainable processes such as cold lamination for PUL using a special urethane-based adhesive with no solvents and minimal energy. Our commitment also extends to dyeing and high-performance finishes.
For example, we’re expert at using high-energy dyes for polyester fabric. There are no chemicals and minimal water used, and there’s a possibility of reusing the waste water as fertilizer. Another example: for antimicrobrial finishing, we use only SILVADUR™ which has proprietary technology so no silver particles are released into the environment.

Reducing our carbon footprint and producing safe, non-toxic fabrics are at the core of our business.


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