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3 Types of Finishes

Durable, long-lasting water repellent

We’ve mastered the art of applying water repellent finishes and use only the best coating available: DuPont’s Teflon® fabric protector. It’s a water-based finish undetectable by sight, smell or touch and it doesn’t impact the fabric’s weight, look, feel, color or breathability. All treated fabrics are tested before shipment to ensure they meet DuPont’s exacting standards.

While many stain resistant products are merely a surface coating, Teflon® textile finish works through sophisticated molecular engineering on the nanometer scale—to protect each fiber. It forms a barrier around filaments to deliver durable, long-lasting repellency against oil- and water-based stains, dust and dry oil. We offer three different finishes:


The Teflon® Shield for water and oil protection

This finish protects from rain, liquid spills and body fluids and is a great choice for rain wear, umbrellas, skiing apparel, bags (outdoor bags and the inside of travel and gym bags for example). It prevents fluid from penetrating bibs and table covers, and from leaks in diapers, soaking pads and pet beds. The finish is tested per AATCC22 for 25 wash cycles.


Plus DWR for industrial applications

Our Plus DWR is for specialty and protective fabrics which need a spray rating of 100 after 25 wash cycles and a rating of 95 after 50 wash cycles per AATCC test method 22. It also meets ASTM F1891-12 standard specifications for arc and flame resistant rainwear.


Premium DWR for outdoor hunting and sporting

When sea water and oil protection are needed, Premium DWR is the best choice. It also releases stains, and prevents soiling, making it especially suitable for hunting, fishing and sporting gear. Once treated, the textile can be soaked in sea water for 24 hours and still have a spray rating of 100 after 25 wash cycles and 95 after 50 wash cycles per AATCC22.


Single point of contact, just-in-time delivery

We simplify the process. Just send us your fabric and specify the treatment. We’ll take care of the details and ship the fabric back directly to you. With no middle men and an extensive network of American mills, we can complete the treatment in as little as 2 to 4 weeks, from when your fabric arrives to AKAS to delivery back to your location.

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