Fiber to Fabric Solutions

AKAS’s line of sorbents – SupAbsorb Tech offers industrial mats designed to meet the rigorous cleaning demands of your facility. Our meticulously crafted super-absorbent mats not only protect the environment but also enhance safety and maintenance at your workplace.

Whether you require a truckload of oil-absorbing mats for your large industrial setup, a pallet for your small automotive facility, or just a few mats for your doorways, SupAbsorb Tech minimizes cleaning efforts and expenses, allowing you to concentrate more on excelling in your business endeavors.

Anti Slip Mats

Our repositionable adhesive StickyBack non-slip mat rolls are not only half the price of rental mats but also sturdy enough to stick in the most challenging conditions.


Oil Absorbing Mats

A variety of industrial oil absorbent mats tailored to your business requirements. Made in America and eco-friendly, our cost-effective, well-designed solutions help maintain a safer work environment.

Barrier Spill Absorbent Mats

Spill Matting absorbs both oil and water-based fluids simultaneously, safeguarding floors with a non-skid backing. Ideal for concealing dirt and enhancing safety in busy zones.

Rag Rug Industrial Absorbent Mats

Rag Rug oil mats are both eco-friendly and cost-effective, crafted from 90% recycled materials. Keep your workplace floors clean, dry, and protected from oil and water-based fluids.

StickyBack Anti-Slip Absorbent Mats

Say goodbye to expensive rental mats and opt for a superior solution. NSFI certified StickyBack™ repositionable adhesive mats offer strong adhesion even in the most challenging conditions, making them ideal for various surfaces.

Rail Road Track Oil Absorbent Mats

Rail Road oil spill absorbent mats serve as the ideal barrier for large petroleum spills, making them perfect for railroad and automotive applications.

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