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If you’re looking for a fully custom fabric, look no further than AKAS. Our fibers are grown in America, and we choose only the highest-quality domestic yarns. Then we enhance them to create the high-performance textiles today’s consumers and manufacturers demand.

We have the capability and the deep experience to knit or weave made-to-order fabrics tailored to your specifications with enhanced properties such as: 

  • Fire resistance from intrinsic flame retardant yarns and without added chemicals
  • Anti-microbial/anti-static qualities for the life of the fabric using silver yarn
  • Stretch with Lycra including UBL and brushed tricot fabrics
  • Spacer fabrics from low density to high density, and from .010” to 0.50”
  • Tubular materials using a variety of yarns including Kevlar, polyester, nylon and cotton

The minimum for knitted fabrics is 200 yards. For woven fabrics, the minimum is 5,000 to 10,000 yards.

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