Fiber to Fabric Solutions

We have an extensive inventory of our own high-performance brands, all made from the highest-quality fibers, all Made in the USA. They’re ready to ship to meet your immediate product needs. Not sure what textile will work best for your application? Simply give us a call.


  • ProCool Brand > CoolMax Branded fabrics which are the ProCool Dri-Qwick Sports Mesh fabric, Swiss Pique, Wicking Polyester Interlock, 3 x 1 Mesh and 1 x 1 Mesh Fabrics
  • ProEco Brand > Bamboo – Organic Cotton Fleece of different weight, Organic cotton Fleece, Rib fabrics for the cuffs
  • ProSoft Brand > For Raincoats, Activewear > Polyester Interlock w/ Breathable waterproof Urethane film, Organic Nylon Ripstop with urethane coating, Nylon Taffeta with urethane Coating
  • Taslan Fabrics
  • Foam Laminates for Airline caps / Military and Police caps
  • Nylon Fabrics
  • ProTec 100% Polyester Fleece Fabrics


Non-wovens, Rag Rug for insulation, LDPE Coated Fabrics for highly durable waterproofness, Brush -Tricot Foam lamination


Prosoft waterproof fabric (Sandwich Bags, Snack Pouches, Juice bottles, Soup bags, Water bottles) Procare vinyl Coating


  • Moisture Barriers- Foam Laminate/ Poly Interlock Laminate / Kevlar Laminate
  • Re-positionable PSA on fabrics for ease of furniture making
  • ⅛” Foam to LDPE moisture barrier for packing furniture
  • Dust Guard Fabrics- Cotton Sateen/ Spun Bonded non-woven fabrics
  • Fire resistant non-wovens
  • Backing for fabrics for more body and improved stitch slippage
  • Moisture barrier fabrics made of urethane coated Nylon
  • Heavy duty Nylon fabrics

Healthcare & Medical

  • For incontinence products / Zorb Products > Zorb Original, Zorb 3D with Silver for Soaker / Procool wicking Stay Dry fabric
  • Baby Cloth Diaper Fabrics
  • FR Vented and Non-Vented Pillow fabrics
  • Heavy Duty Weldable fabrics for body bags
  • Breathable Neoprene laminated with UBL
  • Urethane coated Nylon fabrics
  • Sandwich PUL laminate with DWR and Silver for Scrub/ Woven Stretch Fabrics for Scrubs
  • Mattress fabrics- both Top and Bottom
  • Conductive Fabrics
  • Wide UBL Fabrics
  • Fabrics made with Silver Yarns for life-long Anti-Bacterial effect
  • Socks for Diabetic Persons


  • Prosoft Loop Terry/ Interlock/ Brush Knit for mattress protectors
  • Zorb 4D Soaker Fabrics for bed pads
  • Fire Resistant Nonwovens
  • Waterproof Nursing Pillows
  • Organic Cotton Twill Fabric for Cribs


  • Rag Rug Industrial Fluids Absorbent Fabric
  • Grip Sorb Absorbent Mat w/ Fluid Barrier and Adhesive Backing
  • Melt Blown Nonwoven for only Oil Absorbing Booms
  • Outdoor Fabrics made with Heavy weldable Vinyl / High UV rating / Non- Yellowing
  • Aramid – Carbon Fabric Laminates for Electrical Work wear
  • Aluminized Para Aramid ( Glass Fiber) fabrics
  • Heavy Duty Double Coated Protective fabrics for structures
  • Weldable Fabrics
  • Pack / Luggage Nylon Fabrics
  • Cotton and Polyester Duck Fabrics
  • Slip Resistant Fabrics

Mil Spec

  • Nylon Fabrics
  • Camo Fabrics
  • AKASeal Brand > Weldable fabrics for Bullet Proof vests
  • Socks with Silver Yarn

Animal Products and Accessories

  • Zorb Original for Pet cages
  • Prosoft sandwich PUL for Horse Blankets
  • Vinyl Coated Nylon Fabrics
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