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Cotton Manufacturing Now Possible with Far Less Water & Dye

To meet growing environmental and regulatory challenges, U.S. textile manufacturer AKAS Tex is implementing new cotton dyeing technology. Incorporating five new iMaster H2O dyeing machines into their operation, AKAS can now manufacture cotton using substantially less water and dye.


Reducing the Use of Water in the Cotton Lifecycle

Designed by German dyeing and finishing machinery specialist Thies GmbH & Co. KG, the new iMaster H2O dyeing machines used by AKAS will significantly minimize the environmental impact of the cotton dyeing process, which using traditional methods typically requires a large volume of water. The iMaster H2O accomplishes this by dramatically reducing water and dye used in the cotton dyeing process, and likewise, the need for wastewater treatment. This new method ensures a more environmentally friendly finished product.


Safeguarding the Sustainability of Cotton

About half the textiles worldwide are made of cotton, which has a reputation for its significant water use. With the implementation of the iMaster H2O machines, water and dye use can be significantly reduced, supporting a more earth-friendly product. Water savings of 40% and liquor ratios as low as 1:3.7 have been reported for cottons dyed with new iMaster H2O tech, allowing for easier compliance with strict environmental protection regulations from the local to international levels.


Engineered for Maximum Flexibility

The iMaster H2O is compatible with a wide range of fabric weights and allows for economical and timely dyeing in both large and small batches. Outfitted with advanced automation including a ‘rinse tronic’ automated rinsing cycle with automated filtering, the iMaster H2O streamlines and enhances productivity.

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