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With extensive experience in LEAN manufacturing and quality control, and a dedicated network of approved American mills, AKAS offers customers the assurance that fabrics will be finished to exacting standards. We provide a vast range of high-performance finishes from anti-microbial protection, water resistance and UV protection to flame retardancy, insect repellancy and more, as well as superior capabilities in knitting, backing, napping, cutting, printing, dyeing and lamination.

With no middle men, advanced technology and unmatched expertise, AKAS is your best source for the final step, delivering your textiles to your specs when you need them. Our finishing capabilities include:  

High-performance finishes
  • Knits to improve body and prevent seam slippage
  • Non-wovens for embroidery
  • Pallone
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA)
  • Foam backing
  • Non-washable bonds for composites
  • Sublimation printing for reversible fabrics
  • Digital printing on cotton, polyester and nylon for smaller minimums
  • Pigment printing for polyester and nylon using dispersed dyes
  • Screen printing
  • Custom dyeing for any fabrics, including polyester, with just-in-time delivery
Napping, Shearing, Tumbling
  • Napping into fleece
  • Tumbling to increase fullness
  • Shearing of fleece for a Sherpa finish
  • Shearing and polishing synthetics for a fur-like finish
  • Cire finish for a wet-look shine
  • Foam lamination
  • Laminating stretch UBL onto any substrate
  • Neoprene lamination for military and outdoor uses
  • Needle punch nonwovens
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