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Custom-dyeing, quality assured

When you need accuracy, consistency and service to ensure your fabric is just the right color, AKAS is your solution. With decades of experience, advanced technology, and multiple sources, we can meet your exacting requirements for any fabric, including polyester. Our minimums start at 100 yards.


Greener cotton dyeing

To meet the growing need for greener production methods, AKAS now offers a more environmentally friendly cotton dyeing process. We’ve added five new iMaster H2O machines to our lineup from German dyeing and finishing machinery specialist Thies GmbH & Co. KG. which substantially reduce water and dye used in the production of cotton textiles.


Environmentally-friendly polyester dyeing

AKAS is committed to sustainability, using the most environmentally-friendly processes and materials available.

Because polyester fabric is inherently hydrophobic, dyeing it requires a great deal of energy and water. Typically, the dyes used are insoluble, so they need dispersing agents and temperatures of 130 – 145 degrees Celsius. At AKAS, we’re expert at using high-energy dyes which are effective at 50 – 60 degrees Celsius. There are no toxic chemicals and minimal water used, with the possibility of reusing the waste water as a fertilizer. Other advantages: it’s economical and the fibers do not become deformed.


Color matching with just-in-time delivery

Give us the Pantone number or send us an article you want to color match. Select one of our fabrics, or if it’s your own fabric, provide one sample yard. We’ll send two or three lab dips for your approval. The final shade/hue/tone/color/depth of the delivered fabric will be a commercial match.

With no middle men and an extensive network of American mills, we can dye the fabric in 3 to 8 weeks, from when your fabric arrives to AKAS to delivery back to your location.


Additional finishing

AKAS can add performance finishes to make your fabric water and stain resistant, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, flame retardant and more. We can nap, shear and tumble it, add a backing and custom print it. See our finishing services here.

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