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The Universal Drink Insulator

James McCrimmon’s idea for the Draft Saver was something totally new—a fully- adjustable drink sleeve that could securely hold any size bottle or cup with a hook and loop, keep liquid/food hot or cold for an hour or more, and be fully imprinted with any company’s logo. He also wanted it made in North America.

We heard from James on September 28 and within three weeks had created and shipped a 10-yard sample fabric for Draft Saver–The Universal Drink Insulator.” AKAS recommended the following properties for the fabric:

  • High coefficient of friction to hold a slippery surface like a beer bottle or plastic cup.
  • A thin laminate to prevent bulk but with a very high level of insulation.
  • Cost effectiveness for universal appeal.

The solution: AKAS created a new composite of thin, high-density, military-grade Neoprene and a 60” wide loop fabric. ReTee did the printing, cutting and sewing to make the Draft Saver, which is now in production.

“I was trying to save the world from wasted, throw away cardboard coffee sleeves. What AKAS came up with to make my dream project a reality was beyond my wildest dreams!! I would give the company 6 out of 5 stars. Amazed and grateful for all their help and would gladly recommend them to anyone. Above all, the fabric is MADE IN The USA!!”

-James McCrimmon, President, Ree Tee Inc.

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