Fiber to Fabric Solutions

Among the thousands of fabrics that AKAS has manufactured are our own high-performance brands. Every fiber of every textile we make is sourced in America and all AKAS fabrics are Made in the USA with no harmful solvents or chemicals and in highly-controlled settings.

Our in-stock textiles are ready to ship immediately to fill an array of end uses—for apparel, food, health care, industrial, furniture, automotive, military, hospitality and more.

Zorb® Amazingly Super Absorbent Fabrics

There’s nothing else like it in the world for absorbency. This thin fabric soaks quickly, holds a large volume and dispenses it quickly to reduce leaks.

ProSoft® Eco-friendly, Waterproof PUL Fabrics

The softest, waterproof PUL on the market, this eco-friendly brand is highly durable, very flexible and breathable.

ProCare® Food Safe Waterproof Fabrics

For food-safety, ProCARE® high performance fabric is in a class of its own—highly durable, eco-friendly and cost effective.

ProECO® Safe, High Quality Organics

Using only the best organic fibers, ProECO® fabrics are safe, silky soft, durable and 100% eco-friendly.

ProCool® High Tech, Stay Dry Fabrics

It’s simply the best Made in the USA high-performance, stay-dry fabric with amazing wickability and breathability.

AKASTiq® Strong Loop Fabrics

Economy meets performance with this soft, flexible, easy to use and economical strong loop fabric.


ProTEC® Polyester Microfleece Fabrics

Engineered for warmth & Designed for superior moisture wicking, ProTEC® is soft, fast drying, breathable and very durable.


WazWool® Luxuriously Soft Merino Fabrics

Made from fibers from the finest Merino sheep in Vermont, USA, the fabric is scoured at high temperatures for purity, and is economical compared with other Merino wools.

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