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Fabric made in the USA comes with a lot of benefits you won’t get with imported fabric. Purchasing American-made fabric boosts the economy, benefits the environment, stands up for human rights, and increases our independence as a nation. That’s not to mention the quality or cost of the fabric. 

If you haven’t already guessed, today’s blog is about why you should purchase fabric made in the USA. We have eight reasons to share with you. Keep reading to learn more!

  1. Economic Benefits

Manufacturing fabric on American soil boosts the economy in several ways. First, it will encourage American companies to manufacture more fabric, which will create more jobs. 

Second, tax income will increase, which will lessen unemployment numbers and boost Social Security. Finally, it will decrease the trade deficit that America has with other countries, which will help our global economy. 

  1. Environmental Benefits

Because products made on U.S. soil don’t require as much transportation, our carbon footprint isn’t as big, which benefits the environment. It takes less fossil fuel and greenhouse gases to drive a truck than to ship fabric across an ocean. On top of that, if you use recycled materials, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint even further. 

The United States has stricter rules for manufacturing, so water, air, and soil will be conserved, which reduces pollution and helps everyone breathe better. 

Some people take conserving the environment a step further by using recycled fabrics

  1. Self Reliance

It only makes sense that fabrics made in the USA would decrease our dependence as a country since importing fabric relies on other countries to produce that fabric for us. The PPE shortage in the recent past showed us what it means not to be self-sufficient in manufacturing. Supply chain problems and high freight costs are factors that can affect the price and availability of imported fabric, so having that independence would keep costs and availability consistent. 

  1. Human Rights Benefits

The U.S. has far stricter labor regulations than many other countries, protecting workers from performing labor in deplorable conditions, being paid next to nothing, or working through serious injuries. Not every country is like that, but some are exposed to those conditions. 

Because of U.S. labor laws, employees and independent contractors work in safe conditions, are paid at least minimum wage, and have healthcare available if they suffer an injury. The Department of Labor outlines wages and hours, workplace safety and health, workers’ compensation, etc.

Some consumers have switched over to fabrics made in the USA for this reason alone. The human conscience dictates that everyone deserves to be treated properly!

  1. Health Benefits

Because not all foreign countries have strict regulations, some fabrics could be hazardous if dangerous chemicals are in them. This could pose a real problem if it goes undetected. For example, something as simple as a towel in your kitchen could make you sick without knowing what the problem is! 

Purchasing American-made fabrics dramatically reduces this risk because of the United States’ quality standards. 

  1. The Quality of the Fabric

American-made fabrics aren’t guaranteed to be higher quality than imported fabrics, but they often are. And the more fabrics are manufactured in the U.S., the better the quality becomes. More employees learning how the manufacturing process works means that, over time, quality will improve as workers become more experienced. 

If you want to ensure you’re purchasing a quality fabric–regardless of where it was made–it’s a good idea to check the stitching and construction of the fabric. This will help you determine if it meets your expectations. 

  1. The Cost of American-Made Fabric

It used to be more expensive to buy fabric in the United States because we relied so much on other countries making our fabric for us. But imported fabrics started costing more money because prices increased overseas and there was a sharp rise in freight costs. 

This made American-made fabric cheaper. It isn’t as expensive as you might think! It all depends on what brand of fabric you’re buying. It’s never a bad idea to research a company before you start purchasing fabric from them.

  1. Analyzing Labels

You can tell if a fabric has been manufactured in the United States by checking how it is labeled. The U.S. is strict enough that nearly everything must be done on American soil for it to be considered an American-made product. That includes parts, processing, and labor. 

If the fabric you’re buying says “Made in USA,” you can rest assured that you’re purchasing an item using fabric that was made in the USA. But if it says “Designed in USA,” that does not mean that it was manufactured in the USA. Generally that would mean it was made in another country. 

Don’t let patriotism fool you, either. Because the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) doesn’t limit the American flag on products. Some products could depict an American flag but that does not mean it used American-made fabric. Look for a tiny disclaimer somewhere on the fabric or fabric packaging to see who made it.


If you’re looking for high-quality fabric made in the USA, check out AKAS TEX. We manufacture all of our fabrics in American mills that meet exacting USA standards. 

Our fabrics are available through Wazoodle Fabrics, our website where stock fabrics can be purchased directly. If you need customized fabrics, reach out to AKAS TEX support, so we can create exactly what you need.

Whatever you’re making, we’ve got the fabric for it. We offer recycled fabrics, too, if you strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Our brands include Zorb, ProSoft PUL, ProCare, ProECO, ProCOOL, AKASTiq, ProTEC, and WazWool.

We offer products with different features, so we’ve got whatever you need. Are you looking for a super absorbent yet thin fabric? What about something eco-friendly and waterproof? Think highly durable, very flexible, and breathable; food safe and organic. Think about athletics, strong loop fabric, fabric to keep you warm, and luxuriously soft merino fabrics. We have a fabric for almost everything you could need. 

Have questions? Want to get started with a fabric swatch? Check out our website. If you need something custom-made, contact us. We’ll be happy to help! 


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