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In the ever-evolving world of fabric technology, there’s a new contender that promises to redefine the boundaries of comfort and performance. Imagine wearing a fabric that doesn’t just shield you from the heat but actively cools you down. And no, we’re not talking about momentary relief – we mean a lasting cooling sensation that stands the test of time.

AKAS Tex, a renowned manufacturer of American-made textiles, is leading the charge in this innovative frontier. But it wasn’t a fleeting eureka moment; it was a calculated and deliberate journey that began on a sun-soaked day in 2018. A simple experience of evaporative cooling after stepping out of a pool laid the foundation for the profound question: Can a fabric be designed to provide a similar cooling effect, driven by its very construction?

Taking the Leap: AKAS’s Game-Changing Announcement

On December 28, 2018, AKAS made a landmark announcement: the introduction of the ProCool® Stretch-FIT Dri-QWick™ Sports Jersey – a unique one-way wicking fabric tailored to keep athletes at the peak of their performance even in humid conditions. Proudly made in the USA using American-sourced raw materials, this fabric was designed with a commitment to eco-conscious manufacturing, devoid of harmful chemicals or finishes.

One of the distinguishing features of the ProCool® fabric is its intricate design, which leverages hydrophilic fibers on the side that touches the skin, ensuring moisture is efficiently wicked away. Conversely, its opposite side features hydrophobic fibers, ensuring that this moisture doesn’t seep back into the fabric.

Sid Sharma, the President of AKAS, provided insight into the fabric’s unique construction: “The hydrophilic side has a special diamond mesh which increases the surface area for wicking. It’s similar to a crest and valley; the raised diamond gathers the moisture and pulls it into the valley.” He added that a specialized binding yarn is used between the layers to maintain their distinct properties without allowing them to mix.

A Deep Dive into the Science

AKAS Tex’s innovative cooling fabric isn’t the outcome of an external treatment. Instead, its genius lies in its intricate knit construction. Traditional activewear often relies on treatments for moisture management, which can deteriorate over time and repeated washing. Our cooling fabric, on the other hand, harnesses the intrinsic properties of its fibers and yarn.

In addition to its moisture-wicking features, ProCool® also integrates Lycra® to ensure a four-way stretch and recovery, providing athletes with both comfort and the adaptability needed during high-intensity activities.

Eco-conscious and Proudly American

What sets AKAS apart is not just its commitment to innovation but also to sustainability. “We believe in protecting the planet and use green manufacturing standards in everything we do,” affirmed Sharma. “Reducing our carbon footprint and producing safe, non-toxic fabrics are at the core of our business.”

Charting the Future

With an unwavering commitment to redefining performance standards, AKAS Tex is at the forefront of fabric innovation. Our latest cooling fabric isn’t just a testament to what’s possible today but a beacon guiding what activewear can and should be tomorrow: intrinsically effective, lasting, and above all, cool by design.

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